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The Basic Guide to Modern Nicotine

The Future of Smoking with E-cigarettes

Smoking as a form of relaxing or as a pastime has been around for centuries. In recent memories for most Adults, they can remember a time where you could smoke cigarettes in any restaurant, hotel, or even airplane without any backlash. This is no longer the case as more and more places put rules and regulations in regards to where and when people can smoke as the health side effects of smoking become a bigger and bigger concern for not just smokers, but non smokers being forced to inhale second hand smoke.

A Modern Method for Smoking

The change in culture gave way for an opportunity for a more modern method of “smoking” that is arguably healthier and more widely accepted in places where cigarettes are not. The act of using an Electronic Cigarette is regularly referred to as “Vaping” and can include a wide variety of products that can be very confusing for a new or even experienced shopper. Unlike Cigarettes that have been relatively unchanged for decades, their electronic alternatives are constantly changing and offer virtually unlimited options to fit the needs of any individual. Below you will find a short list of some of the major generic options for E-cigs and a brief overview of the differences. To get more information on a particular product or what might work best for you, be sure to stop into any Puff Factory for a more in depth explanation.

Sub Ohm Mods

Sub Ohm Mods – Sub Ohm (Less than one OHM) Mods are generally the biggest and most expensive option for Vaping. A mod generally runs off of 1 or 2 external 18650 Batteries which means the batteries themselves are removable from the Mod and need to be charged separately. The device will have an Atomizer or “Tank” that screws on top of the Mod with a replaceable coil. To put it as simply as possible, these coils have different resistance ratings that will affect the type of hit even on the same Tank that is measured by OHMs. All the Sub OHM tanks will have a resistance rating below 1 OHM, which allows for larger vapor production and generally a smoother hit the lower OHM resistance you go. The Tanks used on Mods generally produce more vapor clouds and require lower nicotine level E-Juice called Free Based Nicotine (0mg-6mg) compared to their smaller counterpart devices that use Salt Nicotine (25mg-50mg) and is discussed in the next section. The coil on average needs to be replaced every 7-14 days but can be longer or shorter depending on a few factors including the type of coil, the type of juice, and how frequently it is being used. Changing Flavors frequently or burning the tank down to low juice levels are common ways to reduce the lifespan of your coil. It should be noted that almost all Mods are compatible with almost all Tanks regardless of brand so you will want to find the right Mod and Tank combination that works best for you specifically.

Popular Sub Ohm Brands include:

  • SmokTech
  • GeekVape
  • Vandy Vape
  • Lost Vape
  • Vaporesso
  • Freemax

Smaller and Discrete Pod Devices

If the idea of a Mod does not interest you, a smaller and generally more discrete option would be a Pod Device. Pod Devices on average have a “Pod” instead of a tank and have an internal battery. These devices tend to be a less expensive initial start up cost compared to a Mod and use the higher Nicotine juice often called “Salt Nic Juice”. Salt Nicotine is a type of Nicotine that is supposed to affect the body in a more similar manner as Cigarettes do, but also contain Nicotine levels as high as 5% or 50mg. Recently, Pod Devices have evolved to contain removable coils and removable external batteries similar to the Mods. Some of the Pod Devices offer Sub OHM options that can be used for Free Based Nicotine Juice or used with Salt Nicotine for a smoother hit and better flavor. Some of the most popular Pod

Devices include:

  • Sourin Air
  • Smok Novo
  • Smok Nord
  • Renova Zero
  • Caliburn G
  • Juul

Disposable/Prefilled Vapes

Disposable/Prefilled – The newest and most popular option on the market currently are Disposable Vapes. These devices are small one time use options that come prefilled with a particular flavor of Salt Ejuice. Instead of refilling the device with more juice when it runs out, you simply “Dispose” of it. These options have become popular because of the simplicity and convenience of having a vape that can be as small as a container of ChapStick. They also generally produce a smaller vapor cloud which allows them to be used inside or in settings that a large vape cloud is not acceptable. The major drawback of disposables, besides the potential environmental negatives, is they are generally less cost effective if you vape heavily or plan to do so for a long period of time. There is also a lack of customization options in regards to the power output, airflow, and Nicotine levels compared to Sub Ohm Mods and even Pod Devices.

Some of the most popular Disposable options on the market are:

  • Breeze
  • Mr. Vapor MAXX

Switching from Traditional Cigarettes to E-Cigarettes

With so many options available, the only thing stopping someone from making the switch from a traditional cigarette to a E-Cig, is them. Some people will try one option, not like it, and give up. Vaping is not a direct replacement for Smoking and there is a time of transition to adjust to something different. Think about the first time you smoked a cigarette, were you immediately hooked and chiefing down a pack a day? Chances are it took your body months if not years to adjust and adapt to cigarettes and it might take a similar amount of time to adjust to something different. Moral of the story is do not be discouraged if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices or if you have tried an option that was not for you. Come into any Puff Factory Location and we will be sure to help find the perfect device and juice for your specific needs and answer any questions you might have.

Proper Quartz Nail Cleaning

An Introduction to Cleaning Quartz Nails for Dabbing

Dabbing in the United States

Dabbing has become one of the most common ways to consume THC in the United States and is especially popular among heavy users. A quartz nail or “Banger” is one of the most common methods to “Dab” with but most are not familiar with the process to keep their nail clean.  With proper care and maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your quartz drastically.

Cleaning Your Banger

First off, let’s talk about the basic method to clean your banger, Heating.  Many people just heat their banger “clean” by burning off the residue from the previous dab.  This method can be effective but WILL cause “Chazzing” of your banger. Chazzing is the term used to describe the white/gray build up that is left behind on a nail after it is heated up when it has not been properly cleaned.  A chazzed nail will start to lose heat retention and flavor and will eventually cause the nail to be virtually useless.  Heat cleaning a nail should only be done as a final step or last resort considering the superior options available.  One of the most common methods to avoid chazzing is to use a Qtip or cotton swab.  It is as simple as it sounds, clean your nail out with a Q-tip after EACH DAB. If you are not accustomed to cleaning your nail, this could sound like a tedious task but it is extremely important.  Even skipping the cleaning for one dab can have long lasting effects on the nail and can cause chazzing.  “Q-tip Tech” has been around for almost as long as the Banger itself and is a great option even for those using import nails who may not be as concerned with the lifespan of their nail and might not be interested in more extreme or costly cleaning options.  There are even companies like Glob Mops and Terp Swabs that make specialized cotton swabs for the sole purpose of cleaning your banger.  Q-tip Tech is a great start and is generally sufficient for Import nails but for Higher End American Bangers or any nail that you want to extend the life of, there are a few extra cleaning steps that should be considered

Nail Cleaning Routine

Adding Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO) to your nail cleaning routine is the next step especially when combined with Qtipping.  By dipping the end of your cotton swab in ISO and then cleaning your banger, you will remove noticeably more residue in the nail.  Even though it might sizzle and seem dangerous, you can ISO clean your nails with cotton swabs while they are still cooling down and is actually recommended to do so.  The heat from the nail warms up the ISO which removes more of the leftover oil.  You should repeat the process of wiping the nail clean with the ISO dipped cotton swab until you are no longer removing residue, at which point you should use a dry cotton swab to remove any remaining ISO or oil.  It is important to note that higher percentage ISO, such as 97-99%, offers far superior results than lower percentage options.

Dunk Tech Cleaning Method

In addition to using ISO with Cotton Swabs, the “Dunk tech” cleaning method is another way to utilize rubbing alcohol.  In addition to cleaning the inside of the bucket of your banger with a cotton swab dipped in ISO, you can literally dip or “Dunk” your entire banger into a container of ISO.  This is arguably the easiest method but does have a few notable drawbacks.  Dunk Tech uses a large amount of ISO due to the requirement for the banger to be completely submerged and the ISO becoming heavily saturated after a few dabs.  If you are using dirty ISO to clean your nail, it will be very difficult to remove all the oil residue completely and when the nail dries, the remaining oil will be covering the entire surface which will cause chazzing.  A popular solution to this is to use the “Double Dunk Tech”.  This involves having two jars of ISO, one for the first dunk that will get dirty quickly and a second to wash off any residue that might be remaining after the first dip.  A microfiber is also useful to clean the nail off after an ISO dunk.

DC Quartz Cleaner  

There are also several products made specifically for cleaning quartz nails such as DC Quartz Cleaner.  It is not recommended to use the Dunk Tech with DC Quartz cleaner because if the nail is still warm when it is dunked, the cleaner can actually cause chazzing on the banger.  DC cleaner is a great product but is not a complete replacement for traditional cleaning methods and is most popular to try and move black hard to remove residue on a nail before it is burned off.  

Finding Your Level of Clean

In summary, there are many different ways to clean your nail and the difficulty depends on the level of clean each specific user is trying to achieve.  Finding the right process to clean your nail depends on the quality of nail you have and the willingness of yourself to commit to cleaning it.

Dabbing Accessory History and its Potential Future

Where is dabbing going and how will it get there?

A brief look at dabbing accessory history and its potential future

If you are familiar with the basics of dabbing and oil in general, feel free to skip this next section but if you have questions on the fundamentals of dabbing or would like a refresher, continue reading. Vaporizing Concentrate or “Dabbing” is relatively new to the smoke shop industry but is quickly becoming more and more mainstream accepted. It is called Dabbing because “just a dab’ll do you” because it is a much more concentrated form of THC. 

Dabbing Tools- Rigs and Nails

Traditional high end weed can contain THC in the 28-35% while Dabs can contain THC levels in the 70% and reach above 90%. It is a much more intense process that resembles the act of smoking much rougher illicit drugs in comparison to a joint. For those who might not understand the process required for “Dabbing”, it involves taking a smaller glass bong that is specifically designed for vaporizing concentrates or “oil”. This type of bong is commonly referred to as a “Rig” and can come in many shapes, colors, and values. 

In addition to needing a rig, you would also need a bowl fitting that is generally made from Titanium, Ceramic and most commonly Quartz that is specifically made for vaporizing concentrates. These specialized bowls are referred to as “Nails” and get their name due to the original shaping resembling a traditional metal nail. Titanium was the original leading material used for these “Nails’ ‘ due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures without expelling dangerous off gasses. Another major advantage of the Titanium Nail was it was durable compared to its glass competition of the time. 

From Ceramic to Titanium

Highly Educated and OMNI Nails lead the market and were the top choices for dabbers until Ceramic and Quartz overtook the market. Ceramic was short lived but a major advancement to Titanium. Ceramic Nails offered much better tasting hits at the same temperature as its titanium counterparts at a much lower price. Ceramic Nails had a major flaw however that led to their popularity being short lived. The extreme stress from heating and cooling the Ceramic made it very prone to cracking. Hive was the only noteworthy brand in this category and ended up doing a collaboration product with Mothership Glass. 

Mothership pioneered a new style of nail called a “Honey Bucket” that involved a bowl with a titanium swing arm that would rotate in and out of the bucket and would have a lid or OFZ cap that fit on top. This was considered the best of the best for years and the pricing of Mothership Buckets skyrocketed creating one of the first “Hype” products in the industry. 

Domeless Nails and Quartz Bangers

Around the same time that ceramic nails became available, the market shifted to “Domeless” nails. Prior to this, you would heat your nail with a blow torch and then place a glass cover around the nail to keep the heat and vapor from escaping. A Domeless nail revolutionized the process by… you guessed it… removing the Dome. The new design of the nail allowed for the vapor to be contained within the nail and not escape as easily as traditional nails. This is also when the shape of the nail began to not resemble a traditional hardware nail. The new design also allowed for more heat retention in the nail which translated to larger dabs. The domeless nail design quickly transformed with the introduction of Quartz to the concentrate world. Quartz offered superior heat retention and flavor to Titanium but was much less likely to crack compared to Ceramic at an even cheaper price. The new Quartz options also introduced new innovative designs such as the “Banger” that quickly became industry standards. 

Quave is widely credited with creating and for sure popularizing the quartz banger iconic design and shape. Notably, Quave at the time was working for Mothership and took inspiration from the Swing Design of the Honey Bucket (Quave is also considered to be the inspiration behind the swing design as well). Quave named the nail his “Club Banger” and they became known as “QCB’s”. The Quartz Banger is now the standard product that comes to mind when the average smoker thinks of a nail but more closely resembles the look of a bucket, hence the new slang term for a Quartz Banger, a Bucket. The main advantage of the Banger design is the larger capacity of Oil it can hold aka the bigger dab you can take. Bangers remained relatively unchanged besides for the adaption of a beveled and flat tops to better fit a carb cap for the last several years with the introduction of the PukinBeagle Thermal Banger. 

Terp Slurpers 

Recently, the Terp Slurper by Toro has gained incredible popularity and has led to several new innovations and combinations of styles of nails. The popularity of the terp slurper was mainly driven by it’s exclusiveness but, in theory, the larger surface area of the nail allows you to take hotter dabs than a traditional nail while still getting the flavor. This basically means you can take a much larger dab than a traditional banger and with so much of the oil vaporizing at the same time, the effects seem to be more intense than traditional nails. Since it was a new design, toro had the foresight to trademark the style which it used to have an almost complete monopoly over the Slurper Market until their Patent expired in late 2020. With the patent no longer in place and the demand super high for the slurper design, many american and import companies began copying the design and adding their own twists. Most notably, Quave and D-Nail have introduced their own version of the Slurper design that combines the elements of a traditional banger with the advantages of a terp slurper. These new nail styles are called Blenders and Charmers and are growing rapidly in popularity. The popularity and innovation of the Slurper/Banger Hybrids still seem like a short-time fad considering the growing popularity in electronic alternatives such as the Puffco Peak. 

What’s Next for Dabbing? 

It is hard to say for sure the direction the industry is heading but compared to the trends in every other industry, it can be expected that more electronic based options will be introduced to the market as well as a new innovation in the overall design of the nail. This is at odds with a lot of the traditional collectors and users of dabbing accessories who have always considered themselves to be glass collectors at their core. Companies like Puffco and Dr. Dabber have done an interesting job trying to combat this problem by trying to bridge the electronic mass produced device with collectable glass art. This partnership could be the new standard in the industry and help bring old school collectors into the 21st century and beyond.